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Village technology services, education and installations

Did you know many rural African school children starts their day in the dark with no running water or electricity? After walking between 4 and 10 kilometers to school they will be lucky to share a book -- -- forget about writing materials. For lunch they typically have boiled maize. Water, if available at all, may come from a stream shared with livestock. The land is unforgiving and overtaxed. The average annual salary for an adult is only $400 per year, and the average attendance in school is just 4.2 years.  At times their future seems unalterable. 3rd World Tech Org partners with schools and communities to change all this through educational programs which integrate into standard curricula. We help primary school children learn useful skills while repairing their environments.  
Our UNICEF affiliated "ecoschools" programs partner to provide:  clean water, solar energy and study lamps, energy efficient cookers, kitchen gardens, reforestation, improved grazing, beekeeping, goat banks, school books, teacher supplements, supplies and much more. We strive to assist schools and their surrounding communities living "off the grid" to do so successfully while learning technologies that support employment.   

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