"If you want to change the world, educate its people"

3rd World Tech’s programs integrate with school curricula beginning with “first grade.” With the assistance of numerous educators, our "Ecoschools" curriculum supplements the standard public school curriculum part of the school curriculum.

Students learn about environmental degradation and restoration; beneficial trees; gardens and nutrition; drinking water, pumping and purification systems, raising and caring for livestock including chickens and goats, solar and electricity, beekeeping, and other crafts. Our aim is to teach students not only to live cheaply "off the grid" but also to use the skills they have learned to produce income.         
In each setting, we work with and capitalize on local knowledge and traditions. We encourage unanimous and inclusive community support and involvement, both volunteer and economically.  Each “course” capitalizes upon rather than ignores traditional methods. We learn from those we help.  After all, our beneficiaries have lived thousands of years with their environment. We cannot begin to know what they do already nor presume we are smart enough to change tradition.  Our after school curriculum attempts to teach “better practices” adding 21st century technologies to existing methods.   

3rd World Tech teaches skills that can be passed on to parents and village elders. “Learning up” improves community life and preserves cultures.
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