In 1980 one of our volunteers working in Bangladesh invented a simple water pump of bamboo. Today that pump seems to have evolved into the "money maker" pump. Requiring only leg power the "money maker" can lift water 52 feet and push it farther.

But irrigation must be tied to products and products to income. Only enterprise is ultimately sustainable. Our hope is to assist pastoralists in growing and selling food beginning with students.

3rd World Tech assists schools in growing their own food. We provide gravity irrigation systems, solar and money maker pumps and instructions as so what to plant, when .. and how to care for gardens and trees.

After a school has clean water the next step is to grow food for local consumption. School children are given tasks in planning and caring for the school garden. By growing locally, we are able to save parents' tuition expenses. In some instances, we are able to grow enough to sell outside the school. When we do, we take the first step toward sustainable growth.

Usually we find farm implements nearby. With local support we create gravity and drip irrigation systems and terracing. Trees grown in our reforestation programs cost pennies to plant but are worth more approximately $100 in just 8 years.

Money Maker Pump

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