Ernie Williams with the Ol Donio Leaders

"Let’s face it. If people can make money, they will nurture the enterprise that creates income.”

Ernie Williams

Ernest B. Williams IV, BA., JD., has spent many years working in the 3rd World. In 1979 he began forming cooperatives of tribal women who made baskets and handicrafts in their homes.  In turn, these were trans-shipped, by ox cart, matatu (small public transportation) and other means; collected and shipped to the United States and Europe where they sold in boutiques, museum shops and department stores. Cooperatives, preserved cultures and provided income to women without requiring them to leave their homes.  As part of his law practice, Ernie has worked in conflict and alternative dispute resolution in many settings. 

Carissa West Trustee

Carissa grew up in Nairobi, Kenya, and with parentswho were deeply involved in wildlife and communitybased conservation, spent much of her childhood“in the bush”.   In 2008 she graduated from theUniversity of California San Diego (UCSD) with aB.A in Political Science and International Relations.She went on to complete her Masters degree at theUniversity of San Diego (USD), graduating in 2010 with an M. A. in Peace and Justice. During her master’s studies at the University of San Diego forCarissa carried out extensive research on the human rights and development challenges faced by pastoralist women in the Kenyan education system. This research, along with her childhood experiences have steered her to where she is today, working with pastoralist communities to further their rights and livelihoods through education.

KeAnges Lunkat
Kenyan Director of Operations

Agnes Lunkat is a graduate of Catholic University of East Africa with  a degree in Social Ministry.  Agnes was born and raised in the South Rift of Kenya and is fluent in English, Swahili and, of course, her native tongue - Maa(sai). She has worked with World Vision Kenya, SOS Children's Villages, and World Food Programme, among others. She is keenly interested in developing small business enterprises often assisting pastoralists women earning much needed income at home and through cottage industries. Agnes is an incredible asset and invaluable cross-cultural thinker.
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