NASA Glenn Installed photovoltaic power system (photo credit NASA)


Access to energy is fundamental to improving quality of life and a vital component of economic development. In the developing world nearly 1.6 billion people have no electricity, making “energy poverty” a huge issue for those living “off the grid.” Through education, 3rd World Tech aims to build a better understanding of the socioeconomic and environmental impact of the technologies people choose while at the same time introducing cheap and sustainable options.  

Solar power

Many of the areas where we work receive almost 365 days of sun a year, yet the majority still live without light and electricity. 3rd World Tech assists communities installing small-scale technologies such as study lamps, solar electricity for classrooms, dorms and power for computer labs. We provide solar water pumps and water purification systems that can serve both schools and their communities.


We have designed a simple methane digester comprised of two or more discarded 55-gallon drums. Manure is added and mixed with water to produce methane gas.  This gas can then be stored and burnt to generate energy for cooking or other household uses. We hope that this very simple solution will someday alleviate the wholesale cutting of firewood and making of charcoal.

Energy efficient cooking stoves.

School children in many areas are asked to arrive at school each day with one piece of firewood in order to ensure there is enough fuel to cook their meals. In fact, the majority of those living in their communities rely on wood and charcoal as their primary source or fuel for domestic use. Almost every house has an open fire inside. None have chimneys. 3rd World Tech provides schools with energy saving Jikos (stoves) that reduce the consumption of fuel wood by upwards of 50% while creating activated charcoal used in water purification. We work to educate students and communities about best practices to increase the energy efficiency and decrease the fuel consumption of their cooking fires and stoves.  
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